Northern California Pole Sales, Inc. Need it now! We have poles in stock!
Northern California Pole Sales, Inc.    Need it now! We have poles in stock! 

Northern California Pole Sales, Inc. sells and distributes wood utility poles for your power, building, communications, and piling needs.  We have treated and PG&E approved poles in stock. We also carry 8 and 10 foot crossarms.

We stock 25 to 55 foot poles, with lengths to 100 foot available. We will deliver quantities of one pole to truckloads; or if you'd like, we'd be happy to load you.
Northern California poles are treated according to the latest American Wood-Preservers Association (AWPA) Standards and meet ANSI specs

Our Goal

The goal of Northern California Pole Sales

is to meet our customer's needs in a quick and effecient manner.

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Northern California

Pole Sales, Inc.

is located in  

Oakdale, California



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